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I’m going to ask you the golden question: Let’s look at each area of our lives and do a little check-in. It took ten years, but I now feel comfortable navigating Quickbooks, doing our business bookkeeping, and analyzing where we are. ) Allow yourself to write the things that may feel undone, imperfect, or hard, and write in some positive thoughts too—even if the positive feels tiny! Once you’ve written everything out, be still with your feelings for a moment—whatever they may be—without trying to change them or push them away immediately.Look at the categories below and write out how you are doing in each one. Give each area of your life a rating between 1 and 10, along with a few thoughts on why you chose that number. ” seems like a simple question, but when answered from our heart of hearts, it can help set you on an entirely new path. Let the challenges and places you’d like to grow sink in a little.You can’t simultaneously But you can choose to cultivate what matters, right where you are. I want to cheer you on, and this year I’m going to leave some of my answers in the comments too!Here’s what you can expect in this five-part series: Each day, I’m going to walk through a mix of goal uncovering steps from my first book, (which you can sample here), the 2017 Power Sheets, and I have some new ones that we’ve never done before! They are great tools if you choose to use them, but if you only do this blog series, and use scrap paper to write your answers, that’s great too. If you are someone who has been stuck in indecision lately, or feeling fear about diving into new things, practice what I call, “making a mess! We just opened pre-orders for a small batch that will be in stock in the spring for the second half of the year. Friends, help me out here and cheer each other on, too.This was a huge blessing and, for so many reasons, it was also extremely difficult. And so much control that we’d held so tightly to was released. I was nursing Josh every hour at night, pumping milk for Sarah, trying to keep up with Grace and work, and just couldn’t find the words to inspire others in that season.I haven’t written about our adoption story, except in my upcoming book, because it was such a raw and refining time. This hard season ushered in massive heart change, and it was good. I had started writing this book two years ago, and it was supposed to be released today actually.The Power Sheets* and my book have many more steps, and helpful prompts, than I’ve listed in this series. Do you need the Power Sheets and book to have an intentional year? ” Use whatever you have available to write with, and on! Just dig in.*UPDATED: We sold out of all of the 2017 Power Sheets, and are blown away by the response this year! You never know who how your words might change someone! Include thoughts about what is good in each area, too!

As you saw in my video, we adopted a newborn shortly after having a baby (they are six months apart).

1 means you are not satisfied in this area, and want to see radical change. – Health – Friends – Family (including your significant other, if applicable) – Finances – Spiritual – Work – Recreation – Environment Here’s a free printable 2017 Check-in Worksheet for you—yay! If you’re like me, I often want to fix my circumstances right away instead of letting myself feel anything at all.

My instinct is to reach for a distraction when faced with something that feels hard.

But, that never brings me real lasting peace or clarity. Maybe the soil of your life needs some fresh nutrients, or maybe there are some big rocks in the way of you planting new things.

The only way you’ll know though, is to see what’s there first.

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