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After dating for a few months, this ex-couple called it quits.They had an ugly breakup in the public and even went on to say nasty things about each other. could not risisset my self to share this picture of this stunner ....However, in one of his interviews to the Times of India, Shahid told that he was the one to suggest her name for the movie. I haven’t seen Haider yet, but my sister saw it and loved it. I’d just like to wish him well.” “I have great affection for her brother and her parents and she will always be a special person for me. I am really really happy with all the success she has been seeing lately and I am her genuine well-wisher.” “We didn’t have a conversation before shooting. So, clearly, there is no sign of animosity between these two.And, now that Shahid has also married the Delhi-based girl, Mira Rajput, Kareena revealed another secret that shows all is well between these two. So, he actually told me about him getting married before he told the media. In fact, we met three days before shooting on the ship. You May Also Like: 5 Famous Bollywood Celebs Who Regret Having Tattoos Of Their Exes Sangeeta Bijlani is believed to be Salman’s first love.had kept her really busy, hence she couldn’t sign any new projects. She wants to finish these projects before signing any new ones,” he said.

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However, it seems that after finding love in Raj Kundra, Shilpa has left the past behind.But later, Kushal shared a stunning cover shoot picture of Gauhar on his Instagram handle, praising her beauty. @gauaharkhan lady with grace , panache, ooomp and style with a golden heart." Well, it seems like the two have made peace with each other and are back to being friends. After ending their five-year long relationship, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor maintained a distance from each other for almost seven years.However, they came face-to-face during IIFA 2014, when Kareena came to the stage to give an award, and Shahid was co-hosting the show with Farhan Akhtar.Post break-up, the two starred in “There were many stories about how Shahid and Priyanka didn't talk to each other on the sets because of personal issues as they had just broken up, but this kind of chemistry wouldn't show on screen if they were not talking to each other.There's even a scene where we have PC and Shahid trading shayari with each other. " Well, it clearly shows that it is possible to be friends with your ‘ex’, especially if you are working together.

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