Chemistry gay dating

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Is it an advantage knowing each other so well off-screen? But, of course, it helps if you get on with whom you are working.'Tom, 31, adds: 'There are magic moments on screen, and they often happen by accident.

' she laughs.'I'm not hugely an argumentative person — it's opposite to me.They were a perfect example of opposites attracting.'You've got two completely opposite people who function differently,' says Jenna.'One is scientific, logical, shy and methodical; the other, Victoria, is impulsive and emotionally-led.'If you put those two people into a goldfish bowl, where they are madly in love but living their lives in public view, it leads to fireworks.'Series one became a huge hit for ITV in 2016, watched by an average 7.7 million viewers each week.'She comes back to work and finds that Albert has effectively taken over.So there is a really thunderous clash between them.'Things take a turn for the worse when Victoria quickly falls pregnant with her second child.'As soon as she's back to work, she's pregnant within three months, which she was devastated by,' says Jenna.

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