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Self confident friendly fun personality, comfortable with or without clothes! I have been called open minded and that I give the utmost freedom to my wife. I want to love and worship a sexually passionate woman who still fervently craves intimacy and likes to occasionally be discreetly mischievous.

I do not require, or expect that my wife be absolutely sexually faithful to me!

I just know how hard your cock gets thinking about putting on a pair of my freshly worn creamed in satin panties.

And I know you get even harder just thinking about what your punishment would be. Or would I put you down on your knees or bend you over and slide my big strap on in your slutty little holes. I love MILF Phone Sex and all hot naughty role plays, oral, anal, fetishes,foot worship, submission, domination, stern mistress, cuck's, panty wearing sluts, sissy boys, slaves, and all things taboo..

When I arrived it was just a two up two down house, I knocked the door and this very tall, rough but good looking man open the door he looked at me and said you must be the sissy slave, yes I replied, get in here he said pulling me through the door, I have here a list of something’s you like he read to be beaten up by a real man, have your cock whipped, made to suck a man while he cums on you and to be used as a toilet, I had no idea that my mistress had given him a list of things she wanted done to me , I said yes master.

With that he hit me so hard in the stomach I doubled over and feel to the floor, he pulled me by my hair to my knees and told me to undo his jeans which I did and his massive cock forced its way out and right into my face, open wide he said then he pushed his cock into my mouth, now then you sissy freak suck a real man the man that is going to fuck your wife when I am ready, I started to suck him as he rode my face then he forced his cock down my throat I was gagging and suffocating I thought , I felt a warm stream inside me, then he pulled off me and I fell to the ground, for some reason my cock was straining in its chastity, he then said get up I got to my feet and he made me walk about a bit so he could see my dress, show me your device he ordered so I lifted my dress and lowered my knickers on was now on show, how many keys are there to that thing he snapped, just the one my wife has it on her nipple ring, with that his phone rang and he said hello —- yes he is here, then well I was going to beat him up more, then oh ok if you want to watch I will do it later see you later bye.

One day I talked her into leaving the web cam on so I could watch. I was surprised as they stood in front of the computer and He inserted her while standing.

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4pm I was summoned to wash her in the shower, she fixed my left hand to my waist chain then fitted a big sponge mitten on my right hand and blind fold me.Two of the women posed and had sex with the photographer.My Fiancee posed for two photographers, and stayed three nights with the second Lover.My search found many different women in China, who are mostly conservative, but open minded for change!Several women sent me interesting personal portraits taken by themselves, but I came up with an idea for finding a photographer for them to pose for, and send photos to me.

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