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Some defense lawyers have challenged the TV sting operations as entrapment, and experts in media ethics have questioned NBC's decision to pay Perverted Justice, because mainstream news organizations typically do not pay sources for their cooperation.

NBC has defended the arrangement, saying that the programs have raised public awareness of Internet pedophilia.

The series was conceived in 1992 mainly as a cheap schedule filler and about the 73rd attempt to unseat crime stories are used for this same purpose on MSNBC, Investigation Discovery, and TLC during dead periods.

The series drew infamy with its constant stream of fluff stories, You Can Panic Now stories, and screw-ups — most notably, an early 1992 episode of the show got into hot water when it falsely claimed that 1973-1987 GM pickup trucks have leaky and explosive gas tanks (when in reality, the only reason they exploded for the cameras is the remote controlled explosives the NBC crew put there).

One man who sent obscene video of himself to someone posing as a 13-year-old was a New York City firefighter whom we then confronted. He was not happy when he found out he would be exposed on national television.

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During the trial, prosecutors presented outtakes from the NBC show and a log of Kaye's chats with the person posing as a 13-year-old.

, is a Prime Time News show and one of the largest, most popular, and most infamous news programs ever.

It started airing in 1992 and has never entirely gone away.

The show and Chris Hansen ultimately achieved Memetic Mutation, with parodies appearing on different shows like no new TCAP segments were produced after 2007.

According to a Facebook comment in 2009, it might return someday.

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