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But after an autopsy, the county coroner's office listed the death as suspicious, noting that Jackson suffered "blunt force traumatic injuries," which suggested she was attacked before drowning.That led the district attorney's office to reopen the case, with a grand jury indicting Bohana on murder charges.After years together, Michael announced he would marry Goss, saying at the time, “I think we’ll just do the formal legal thing and then we’ll have a party. Neither of us has the body for it, you know.” “I’m not very romantic about it to be honest,” Michael said.“I think Kenny probably would be if I let him, but it’s just not me.” In 2011, though, Michael revealed he and Goss had split, saying then that his love life was “a lot more turbulent than I have let on.” But speaking to PEOPLE, Goss had only good things to share.

He also attended the Sandhurst Military Academy briefly, which the royal princes also attended.Bohana maintained that they were swimming together, he got out for a moment, and when he returned, Jackson was dead.Authorities believed him and declared the death accidental.Dodi’s mother, Samira Khashoggi was the sister of the Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who was a billionaire, too.He came from a long line of inheritance and according to many, he was a rich, spoiled brat.

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