Dating triplet

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Susan privately speaks with Jessie, saying her earlier compliment was not an honest mistake, rather she senses Lisa and Jessie were switching identities, and even shows her a picture of herself with her twin sister, Sharon Grand. Hawk and David begin a fight in the diner, causing the police to be called.

The next morning, Lisa runs away with Hawk on his motorcycle only to break down at a diner. Lisa refuses to continue to talk to Hawk and rejoins her family. Cassie becomes angry that Susan went with Jeffrey to the diner.

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She quits working on the Wyatts' house and continues with Nick's condo. The girls go to Susan's apartment and see Sharon Grand, Susan's twin sister.Leanna, Monica, and Joy Creel were also set to play Lisa, Jessie, and Megan Wyatt, the triplet girls with different personalities: Lisa, the wild and fun one; Jessie, the quiet but sweet one; and Megan, the nice and truthful one.The film debuted on NBC-TV's The Magical World of Disney on April 9, 1989.In The Parent Trap II, Sharon Ferris marries Bill Grand (Tom Skerritt) with their daughters, Nicky Ferris (Carrie Kei Heim) and Mary Grand (Bridgette Andersen). Also, Susan was married to Brian Carey (Alex Harvey).She divorced him prior this movie, even talking about it.

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