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This ebook gives you an idea of what experienced casino staff know about roulette and how it is beaten.But the average casino staff member only is only vaguely aware of the techniques.This is the most active professional roulette player forum in the world.You will be able to speak with other players, share information, form teams, and get additional help.This is roulette computer software that calculates ball speed and predicts the winning number.

This footage is particularly useful for players that want to use the provided roulette computer.This ebook teaches you the techniques used by other professional roulette players.You don't need any of these because you'll have my software, although others teach these methods for as much as 00.Both versions are included: Web version (legal in all casinos): This version is accessed via any phone or computer with an Internet browser (iphone, android, pc or mac).It is legal everywhere because it does NOT require electronic devices at the wheel, so it's legal in all casinos.

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