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When Peter the Great was Tsar, Saint Petersburg was given its own fire department modeled on Western practices of the time.By 1863 it was transformed, by orders of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, as the first ever professional fire service in Russia and Eastern Europe.Plans for additional sites were scaled back in 1972, when the signing of the ABM Treaty limited the Soviet Union and the United States each to two ABM sites totaling 200 interceptors.The system's architecture shrank again to one site with 100 interceptors when a protocol to the treaty was signed in 1974.However, the Defense Ministry is also unwilling to put in the amount of money necessary to keep the system operational. Instead, the Moscow system will most likely continue its decline. Matthew Bunn, Foundation for the Future: The ABM Treaty and National Security (Washington, DC: Arms Control Association, 1990), p. The Moscow system relied on a huge A-frame radar known in the West as the "Dog House" for long-range tracking and battle management.This was later supplemented by another radar, known as "Cat House," for the same purpose.

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Partially because of inertia, and partially because so many resources have already been expended on it, the system seems unlikely to be deactivated in the near future. At the time of the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, the new ABM system had still not reached full operational capability.Much of the early warning radar upgrade program associated with the improved system had not yet been completed, and of those radars that had been updated, several were in republics other than Russia.In 1962-63, the Soviet Union began constructing the world's first working ABM system, which was designed to protect Moscow.Originally, the system was intended to have eight complexes, each with 16 interceptors (for a total of 128 interceptors), in the Moscow area, but construction slowed in 1968 and by 1969-70 only four of the sites, with a total of 64 interceptors, were completed.

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