I think i am dating a narcissist

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Armed with a false sense of security in the hands of celebrity plastic surgeon, I went one step further and had my crows’ feet and more of my forehead injected to get an even stronger brow lift. The results were a little harsher than I wanted, but I still liked my glamorous lifted new look. 6 months later, my first Botox party (more on that later).

Despite the doctor’s excellent credentials, I had too much Pinot Grigio and didn’t tell him about my earlier Botox injections, so wound up with more than I needed.

Instead of striking back at the person, confront the concept or perception they represent to you.

Example: “There is more to life than [looks, money, success etc], Meg” “What do you base that on, Matt?

If you feel you’ve had enough of “it” and end the relationship, they say it’s because you feel threatened by their good looks. Of course “geniuses” say the same about their “brains”, rich people say that about their money, successful people say the same things about their success, and everybody else says whatever about whatever it is they feel makes them a cut above the rest.5 months later, after my first injection began to wear off, I began to think more was better.A stylist I was working with recommended a plastic surgeon that reportedly did excellent Botox (along with Kate Hudson’s new nose).My eyebrows were now so high and arched it looked like they were going to fly off my forehead.My hairdresser whispered the name of yet another famous doctor (also with a skin care line), but when I learned he treated Madonna, I cancelled my appointment.

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