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My profile does not show in the list of connected profiles? Once on the Help / Contact us page, follow the instructions, click on Unsubscribe me and confirm your choice. The login used for registration can not be modified.

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However, the following solution can be used: - Delete your existing profile (log on to your profile then go to the Help/Contact us page and follow the instructions to unsubscribe).

The person you were speaking to may have deleted his/her account before you read the message.

I have received a message from someone, but I can not find it in my mailbox!?

If you decide to go on SKYPE, we will not be able to protect you. Please report this members login through the Help / Contact us page. Your password will automatically be sent to the e-mail you filled during registration.

- Use your common sense and show reserve towards foreign solicitations: 99% of swindlers who act on dating websites are located in Western Africa (Ivory Coast, Nigeria) or Russia. Once the account is verified, our technicians will delete the profile if needed. Go to this members profile and click on add to my blacklist. Go to this members profile and click on this link Click here to make a spam/scam report on this member (the link image is a small triangular panel). Check all your e-mail accounts if you have any doubts. You can only chat with a profile connected at the same time as you are!

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