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I looked at Kyle, shrugged, and climbed on Gray's bike. I went to get on his bike but Gray told me to ride with him. I met your husband and you and thought you were attractive, fun, and intelligent. As we talked I saw there was passion in you, but not in your relationship. When we were through with those pics I suggested we stop.

Do you stop talking to them after you're done with them? "You and mom can come check it out during the week. In fact, bring bathing suits and hang at the pool for the day." "Oh thank you Gray," said Cammy. When we got there Grays wife, Amber, greeted us at the door. "But, if you said 'stop' tomorrow, I already know who the next woman would be." "How many have there been? "I won't tell you, but enough so that my wife knew about this before we got married." I knew this was a second marriage for him. " "I can't satisfy you, my wife, and another woman. I am pushing your limits till you say stop." He explained.

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