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People had stayed at my quaint little apartment in Oakland’s Lake Merritt area several times.

Altay and I also wanted to hang out and talk, and so one afternoon we went out to the Galata Tower and its surrounding district.

For those who may not be familiar with Couchsurfing, this is a community for travelers who in groups or wish to stay at other people’s homes for free; one of the purposes is to get to know a place and its people as a local, the other is to save money by not having to pay for hotels and other housing accommodations.

And as you are a traveler at times, at other times you also are a host, and on both occasions so far I had only had wonderful experiences.

They rarely end up opening, or lasting long if they do.

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Looking down from the highway on the city’s Asian side, you see interminable neighbourhoods, a low sprawl of concrete blocks and tin roofs.They derive from petty, egoistic disputes (often tinged with misogyny or classism) from decades prior, which have festered into genuine factionalization.They severely limit meaningful cooperation and coordination between the city’s network of corporate-backed art centres, galleries and non-profits.Historical and newly prosperous, this is the Istanbul the world sees, but not the reality that most citizens of the Turkish Republic experience day-to-day.Turkish culture is rightly famous for its hospitality and, in more than two years of living here, I’m deeply grateful for the copious amounts that I have been shown.

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