Milan dating

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The painting, which had already begun to flake off before the destruction of part of the room left it exposed to weather, has been restored several times, a process which will probably never be fully completed.

A walk on the roof of the cathedral is an impressive experience, offering views across the city and extending on clear days to the snow-covered Alps.

1200) in the north transept, the 16th-century tomb of Gian Giacomo Medici, and the jeweled gold reliquary of San Carlo Borromeo in the octagonal Borromeo Chapel leading off the crypt.

Behind the high altar, the choir has deeply carved panels, and misericords under the seats.

The , as it is called here, was painted on the wall in tempera between 14.

Instead of earlier static representations of Christ's last meal with his disciples, Da Vinci presents a dramatic depiction of the scene, which was quite novel and marked an important new stage in the development of art.

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