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The same thing happened when one of the most horrific scientific "errors" ever made was hushed up.

These same monkey cell cultures, used to make vaccines, contained other viruses such as SIV (simian immuno-deficiency virus), which figures prominently in the make-up of another recombinant virus that we know as HIV.

The bio-hazards of monkey viruses are well known in certain scientific circles, but little known by the general public.

In the course of my research, I came to study the subject of recombinant virology: the combining of unlike viruses into new "tribes", usually with more dangerous characteristics than the "parent" viruses, by men in white coats playing God.

They can't sterilise blood any more than they can sterilise vaccines to kill all the unwanted "bugs" without destroying the nature of these products.

They test blood and separate blood components through centrifugal action and other methods to purify these substances as much as possible, but it remains impossible for them to promise or deliver a completely safe blood-related product.

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