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While email was faster than traditional post, the internet's instant messaging offered an even speedier solution to personal communication.One of the first mainstream instant messaging services was ICQ, which launched in 1996.It later branched out to include video messaging, videoconferencing and began offering an alternative telecommunications service for users wanting to call regular phone numbers.Video technology was soon considered for use in other industries, such as medicine, allowing doctors to examine and in some cases treat patients thousands of kilometres away.

Despite launching with just 200,000 songs, it reached sales of 250,000 within 24 hours.The World Wide Web was released to the public by CERN in 1993, launching entire industries and revolutionising old ones.Twenty years on, we take a look at the World Wide Web and the broader changes we have seen courtesy of the internet, a network of networks which includes email and instant messaging services.It meant emails could be accessed anywhere, anytime.The success of the venture was not lost on Microsoft, which purchased the email service a year later for a reported 0 million.

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