Only child dating

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As Newman points out, spoiling “is a parenting problem not cured by having two children instead of one.” Maybe I did receive a few more Christmas presents than I would’ve if I had siblings, but I’m glad my parents raised me to be grateful, gracious, and not a brat. I internalized a lot of it and am still very self-motivated to live up to high standards.

Only children can “push themselves pretty hard,” as psychologist Carl Pickhardt, Ph.

Our childhood influences our adult selves immensely.

The way we’re raised, by whom and with whom makes all the difference. An only child, whether male or female, can be difficult to date as he/she has a distinct combination of a need for independence and dependence.

But the idea that only children are automatically bizarre or bratty just because we don’t have siblings? Single-child families have become increasingly common (making up about 20 percent of American families), so it’s likely you've worked with, are friends with, or maybe even dated an only child.

So on behalf of onlys everywhere, I want to silence the stereotypes and share some truths about us.

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Do yourself a favor and — if you’re dating an only child — don’t lose his or her trust. They have a need for attention, and if they can’t get it by making friends, they find other ways to get it. When you basically spend your entire childhood in a house with only adults — who you couldn’t possibly relate to — you tend to direct your focus inwards and on yourself.

Yes, I know how to share—food, my home, and my clothes. I like the way I’ve organized my kitchen, bathroom, and color-coded closet, and I have to make an effort not to be a control freak outside of my home.

I didn’t grow up with siblings barging into my room and messing with my stuff, so I’m not used to people re-arranging my kitchen cabinets or shuffling through my files at work.

While other kids were watching TV with their siblings during dinner parties, I was sitting at the table talking with my parents’ friends.

As a result of socializing with older people from a young age, I grew up being very comfortable around adults, which has helped me out a lot in school and the working world.

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