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Over time this work-life-blend simply wore me down and my body responded through anxiety and panic.It has been a massive wakeup call and, although it’s been a terrible time, I’m relieved that I’ve been able to get on top of things before it was too late.So why am I telling you this in the parkrun newsletter?Well firstly, if I’m going through this, it’s a safe bet that many of you are, or have been through, something similar.What’s become very clear is that the anxiety reared its head as a result of years of high intensity, high pressure work.I had created a lifestyle for myself where work and life were one in the same; there was no finish of one and start of the other.Jack’s new gal pal, supermodel Nina Agdal, was not there.

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I’m well on the road to recovery but certainly not out of the woods yet.So if you’re going through this now I want you to know that there is no shame in asking for help.I’ve received some benefit or level of support from every single person I’ve spoken with.Over the years I’ve had the privilege of sharing with you many accounts of people who have found parkrun to be an important tool in their battle against mental health related issues.Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be sharing with you mine. It all started back on Thursday the 11th of August.

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