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My days are filled with doctor's tests, but I spend my nights dancing in zero G, or in the arms of my secret lover, Carver Liddell. They think I'm some kind of upgrade, a new slave stock to be bred.

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The clone slaves are Earth's ransom to keep The Gran from enslaving the entire population... Angel is an über-intelligent pseudo-human in a futuristic universe.

Angel lived her life in relative peace at Nugene Station, but now The Gran want their prize.

They'll stop at nothing to hunt her down and capture her. The only female on a ship heading to the far reaches of the universe...she's every bit as deadly as the predators holding her.

But when she'Travis starts his new series off with a BANG!!

But when she's seen by The Gran when they arrive early to pick up there worker clones, Angel's life is ultered.

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