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While a report last week from the Wall Street Journal claimed this was because the firm was largely still making parts of the car by hand, Tesla has since hit back.‘This report is fundamentally wrong and misleading,’ a spokesperson for the company told Jalopnik.‘We are still in the beginning of our production ramp, but every Model 3 is being built on the Model 3 production line, which is fully installed, powered on, producing vehicles, and increasing automation every day.‘However, every vehicle manufacturing line in the world has both manual and automated processes, including the Model S and Model X line today.‘Contrary to the Journal’s reporting, this is not some revelation.’ Earlier this week, Musk shared a glimpse at the massive robotic arms at work assembling its Model 3 electric cars.The footage shows one of the vehicles on the ‘body line’ as four huge red mechanisms carry out different tasks.Hopefully, Tesla can be helpful.'He later tweeted 'medical equipment has priority' when asked how the firm can help.

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The first 30 models were handed over to customers during a glitzy ceremony at the company's factory in California last Friday.

Elon Musk has shared another look at Tesla’s Model 3-building robots in action.

In a new video posted to Instagram, the electric car-maker has revealed the firm’s massive stamping machine, which works in tandem with two robotic arms to swap out the body panels.

Tesla said that there were no fundamental issues with the Model 3 production or supply chain and production issues would be addressed in the near term.'Although Model 3 deliveries were slightly below the range, production challenges were expected for the first quarter of Model 3 production, and we expect production to significantly increase in Q4,' Baird analysts wrote in a note.

Tesla said overall its deliveries rose 4.5 percent in the third quarter from the prior-year period, but said 'production bottlenecks' had left the company behind its planned ramp-up for the new Model 3 mass-market sedan.

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