Who is camron dating

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My DUI's are 3 yrs apart Got arrested for 1st DUI .089 breath FST with speeding and no injuries in Alameda County.

The album also contained a film of the same name, in which Cam'ron made his director/screenwriter debut and starred as the main character.BIG introduced Giles to Lance Rivera, who signed him to his label, Untertainment.He began his musical career in the mid 1990s, rapping alongside Big L, Mase, and his cousin Bloodshed, in a group called Children Of The Corn.My attorney told me that the charges will get dismissed because the breathalyzer test has a margin of error of .01. He promised that an expert will testify in my trial and that the margin of error was actually .02. After I paid the deposit for trial, he said the expert will not testify in my support as he's not available. He misrepresented the plea offer given 7 days before trial date to me to convince me that I go to trial (said 10 days in jail while the offer was of swap, and he didn't tell me that 3 years probation can be ended after a year).After receiving a letter in the mail stating I would be eligible for IID installation after a 90 day suspension after both my duis, I had the interlock company I was going to use contact the MAU to make sure I was eligible.

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