Who is orianthi dating

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Tell toofab in the comment section below and click "Launch Gallery" above to see even more surprising celebrity couples!Richie Sambora recently told ABC Radio that he is in the middle of recording a new duet album with his girlfriend, Greek-Australian guitarist Orianthi.Richie Sambora is smitten with his new girlfriend, who's almost half his age!The former Bon Jovi guitarist was spotted locking lips with his much younger love, fellow guitarist Orianthi, at the Breeders Cup in Los Angeles over the weekend.They also included stuff off of their solo efforts like Sambora’s “Stranger In This Town” and Orianthi’s very first hit in the U.Looking back on his impressive run with Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora is quick to acknowledge that it was a really satisfying experience. 1 record, your first hit single and then we had the second one and the 10th one and then you play all of the stadiums," he tells us. You know, you can’t all of a sudden [be] Bon Jovi and turn into f--in’ Pink Floyd! Stick to who you are and be authentic -- I think that was a big part of it -- and then just go out there and work,” Sambora says.Recently, they filmed an appearance together on the public television series ‘Front & Center,’ which captured Sambora’s first New York solo appearance in nearly 25 years.The performance finds Sambora performing tracks from his 2012 solo album, ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown,’ some select favorites from the Bon Jovi catalog and also paying tribute to his longtime mentor and friend, the late Les Paul.

I think they’re gonna expect this, like, giant guitar record, which [it’s] a little bit of that but, no, it’s just great songs and her and I singing together…So, it’s kind of like Sonny & Cher on steroids.” The couple has been dating for almost two years now, and appears to be going strong with this new collaboration.

We spoke with Sambora about the show, which was recorded at the Iridium, and he also gave us the inside details on the new music that he and Orianthi are currently working on ... You know what, I’ll tell you, we’ve played so many shows in so many places.

It’s been kind of a whirlwind, between the writing process and working with other artists and just us getting to know each other as artists and musicians and touring.

“I’m a gear head,” he said of getting out and checking out the new innovations in music each year. I have more gear than I actually need, but there’s always something new.

That’s the one thing about being a songwriter is that a piece of gear that will change a sound a little bit or a guitar that’s just a little bit different can really inspire you and take you into a specific spot.

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